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Hello everyone ,

Stupid question but aren't ID's made by Bosch (it says it on the box) but is there any difference . I mean besides preference will there be any actual difference ?

I kinda incline towards ID's just because of all the data back to back and the way that their test etc.

ID injectors are built from Bosch injectors. Depending on what injector you're talking about depends on what is changed or done to them. the popular ID1000 for example is a standard Bosch EV14 injector with the diffuser plate removed. Following this they are flow tested, matched and characterised. Some of the more recent offerings from ID include ID's own custom parts inside them (don't ask what as I'm not sure). These for example include the ID1300 and ID1700 and you can't buy these from anyone else.

The biggest advantage ID have is that they fully characterise the injectors and supply this data for the tuner which makes our lives easy.

If I was listening to the an interview with Paul Yaw properly, so I could be wrong here, but ID are changing their line up. They have dropped all the sizes offered below the new ID1050x and all new injectors will have the 'x' after their numbers, they are basing all their new injectors off of the lessons learned with the ID1300 and 1700, meaning that they'll be all fuel compatible due to stainless internals.

Bosch, as far as I know, have no plans to change the design of their injector range.