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id1000 base fuel pressure

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hey guys,

so i was wondering, what base fuel pressure do you usually use with id1000's. for best spray pattern?


The spray pattern doesn't change with the pressure, the atomisation in the other end could.

You'll probably find that your fuel pump dictates the realistic range of fuel pressure you can run with the ID1000. For most electric fuel pumps you'll struggle to run really high fuel pressures although this is worsened with turbocharged cars that use a vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator. You can find a graph of fuel flow vs pressure and current draw for most performance pumps that will guide you here.

Depending on the boost pressure I run, I'd typically set base fuel pressure between 3 and 4 bar (43.5-58 psi). It's not uncommon with a mechanical fuel pump to set the base pressure much higher - 80 psi for example. You may get an improvement in atomisation with these injectors at this sort of pressure but I've never been in a position to do back to back testing.