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ID1000 injector issue

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Hi everyone. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I'm tuning a Nissan GT-R and the car has ID1000 injections fitted. As I never used these before I removed every other mods so I can get the injectors dialled in correctly before get onto the inlet fitting and boost adjustment. Started with a OEM map with Ecutek software and the latest version of RaceROM. Using the ID1000 official characteristics I managed to get very close on the fuel trims (with 1020 cc flow rate and 1.08 latency) on high load (98-102%) when doing a ramp run, but it always starts around 90%.(idle is good too around +- 5%) at the start of the run and only get back to normal once about 3500rpm with boost start to kick in.

Is that normal to get this over fueling at the begining of the ramp up with WOT? Or am I missing something? Sorry for the long story and thanks for reading 🙂.

Hello, have you removed the factory resistor pack ? when using an air flow meter it is not uncommon to see a rich mixture at this point it just seems to be a common issue

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