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ID1050x Vs ID1000

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Decided to retire my Denso based HKS 1000's in my Evo 9 and have ordered a set of new ID1050x's.

Anyone have any experience with them over the now discontinued ID1000's?

I've just finished my first tune on a set of 1050x's and am very impressed, the car originally had '1000cc' injectors from a known brand and the fuel table needed totally redone to suit the ID's and at the end of it the fuel table looked as you'd expect it too, the other injectors was like a screen shot of the Scottish highlands

I've used both and as far as I know they're virtually identical other than the slight flow increase and some internal components changed out to better support e85 (though others have speculated that this is just hype). They'll work very well for your application.