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id1700x injector question

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Hi I’m currently building a 2jz gte engine and would like to hit the 1000hp mark.

So I’m looking for some injectors and I would go with either 12x id1050x or 6 x ID1700x.

12 injectors would require a lot of machine work to my manifold, so I would rather go with the ID1700x ones, but it says on the injector dynamic webpage that I would have poor drivability at idle and cruise, and since it’s a street car that would be 95% of the time.

The car is gonna be driven on 99 octane gasoline most of the time and only e85 on race night due to its not very obtainable where I live.

So my question is :) do you have any supras using the ID1700x injectors running pump gas that’s happy with them ?

best regards


I haven't personally used the ID1700's in a 2JZ but I'd be very surprised if you couldn't get acceptable results on pump gas with them. I've used ID2000's the odd time on 2 litre 4 cylinders and these worked reasonably well with the only downside being a richer than optimal idle mixture. With the ID1700's being a little smaller and offering superior linearity they can only be a significant improvement.

As an idea, why don't you try a single rail of ID1700's first. If you really struggle then you could go to the trouble of adding a second rail and moving the ID1700's there and fit something like a 1050X in the primary location. Alternatively I've had really good results from the XSpurt 1600's which would be another option that's a little smaller than the ID1700.

I will not be able to get a better idle with the id2000 even through the dead time is only 0.485 at 14v and the ID1700x is 0.975 at 14V

they will still squirt more fuel in at low PW right?


Injector dead time is quite different to the minimum fuel mass the injector can supply and it's the minimum fuel mass that will define the ability to achieve a stable idle AFR. In the case of the ID1700 ID state the minimum fuel volume is 13% less than the ID2000. The other aspect that's important to the ability to control the AFR at and around idle is the linearity of the injector which is another area where the ID1700 is superior to the 2000.

Thanks for your answer Andre :)

i asked realsteet performance about the ID1700x vs id2000, and their experience of the two injectors is that the id2000 will provide better idle and cruise on pump gas even through the injector is larger.

The idle is not that much of my concern because I’m gonna put some 280* cams in it, so it’s wont be able to idle that smoothly anyway.

My concern is more the normal cruise, if a big injector will hurt that?


I've tuned a couple of 1000hp+ Supra's last year, pretty much all of them where running ID2000's and all were tuned on Aral102 octane respectively OMV100 octane pump gas.

None of them had problems in cruise conditions with those injectors, not even at idle. Depending on the cams though, lambda 1.00 at idle isn't really something you should aim for ;)

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