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I purchased a Tuner Nerd knock sensor Pro3 to use on a Dodge 5.9 Magnum "V8" engine.

Wondering what would be the best location for the knock sensor. The sensor has a big enough hole to mount to the intake or oil pan.. but I'm not sure that would be ideal to detect knock in those locations?

Asked Ayson (owner/creator) and he said "anywhere there is metallic connection to the block". Can't come with a location with a bolt that will be directly to the block.

I also asked him since I have a engine with two banks should I have two sensors. He told me I only needed one. I find kind of strange.

Long story short I have never used or mounted a knock sensor.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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G'day mate, the rule of thumb is not on the heads, so somewhere on the actual block. on a V engine, its a good idea to hook up one on each side, But you can listen to one side, tune and double check by placing it on the other side. Sometimes your lucky and you can put it in the vally of the engine

using any bolts or thread you can, if you bolt it to the head your going to make your life very hard, becuase the vlavetain noise is quite loud, trying to hear knock through it, is extremely hard, same deal with the oil pan, thin metal near the crank probably isnt the best

I appreciate it Rhys.

Guess I asked the question a little to soon. I crawled under the truck and looked for a place to mount the sensor. I was surprised to find a spot on front of the engine with a threaded boss on the drivers side of the block. At least I know it can be mounted straight to the block. There is no where to mount the sensor on the side of the block in which that would be ideal.

I will have to move the sensor like you mentioned to other side.