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Idle Air Control source

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I am upgrading to an aftermarket throttle body and therefore needed to ditch the ISC valve on my OEM throttle body and have ordered a bosch IAC valve to be remote mounted for idle control.

In all OEM applications that I see, the the IAC/ISC valves will always be connected to a source pre-turbo. I am thinking whether it would work post turbo as this would prevent any boost leak should the valve fail to seal completely on boost. Also, given the massive size of the bosch IAC valve compared to stock, I am hoping it would supply sufficient air for the occasional anti-lag at the track without a throttle kicker and feeding air from a boosted source should provide more air for combustion in the exhaust header.

I have tried searching everywhere but have failed to find any example of running the idle air source post turbo. Will a post turbo idle air source work?

Thank you!

Yes you can (and should) connect the IAC post turbo. Most of the IAC units I've used leak slightly even when fully closed which is going to be something of a disaster in a turbo application. Generally you just want to bypass air around the throttle plate so pre and post throttle body is ideal.

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