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Idle control problems Haltech elite

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Hi all,

Could use some insight from one of the tutors here, I'm having some difficulty getting oem like idle control using a haltech elite 1500 on a Suzuki Swift Sport.

I have the idle control working fairly well in that my base duty table is tuned properly to be close to my rpm targets with the system in open loop, my PID gains have been tweaked to maintain target with closed loop enabled, the engine returns to idle rpm if you free rev the engine at a stand still and let the rpm drop back to idle (most times anyway...sometimes it dips below target and comes back up). The main problem is that the engine will not return to idle when you clutch in coming to a stop from driving. 7/10 times the engine stalls and the other 3 times it'd dip pretty low to near stall but not stall.

I have tried moving around every single parameter available for idle control and can't seem to resolve this. I've tried moving the base ignition timing around then playing with the ignition correction for idle control...both independently and then together....no luck, I've tried adding more proportional gain as the error increases, no luck. I've played with the decel offset, no luck. I've played with setting that tells the controller when to start controlling idle based on rate of change or rpm with time, no luck.

I really am stumped as to why in the world I can't get this to work.

Engine is using DBW btw to control idle.

Experts help please lol.

If this problem is predominantly when you're coming to a stop, I'd suggest setting up the base position table as a 3D table with speed as one axis. You can then target a slightly higher idle speed from 10-15 kmh and above and the ECU will interpolate the zones (you only need two speed break points - 0 kmh and 10-15 kmh or similar). this is how our 350Z is configured.

Hi Andre thanks so much for the response.

What you have said is the absolute only thing I could have thought of myself to help, unfortunately I currently do not have a speed input going in to the haltech so even though my table is currently set up as you've suggested it's not being utilized.

What is the most common way of getting speed data to an an aftermarket stand alone ecu?


Most vehicles have either a Vehicle Speed Sensor (often located in the transmission), or ABS-sensors at the wheels.

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