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Idle ms for rb 25/30 with indy blues.

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Hi Guys, as the topic states I've got a customer who's brought in an r32 with an RB30/25 engine fitted with 1600cc/min Bosch indy blues and a haltech E11v2 that he can't get to run with pump 98. The car previously had 550cc/min injectors and an RB20 so I figured I'd try to take some injection time out of the map as well as putting in the correct values to the injector dead time table. I've also zeroed all correction maps for air temp and coolant temp in case something was causing a funny correction, but i still can't get it to run without plooms of back smoke and then it fouls plugs. I have a value of approx 1 ms on all of the lower vacuum/RPM plots on the map, but should i try to be putting an even smaller number in there? Or should i try to convicvnce the customer of going to some ID 1000's?

as far as I remember, the Bosch 1600cc are the ones with the funny lower pulse width issue.

Andre mentions them all the time as the worst injectors or stuff like that :)

Try to get him to go with ID1000 or ID2000 (depending on the power goals or fuel type)

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