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Idle on Methanol ( rotary )

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Hi all,

is it a problem to set the idle on methanol at lambda 0.9? In vacuum it should not matter, correct?

I attached the lambda table. That should fit for a rotary engine?

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What rotary is this? Please give more details on what modifications have been done to it. If it's a pre-Rx8 engine, it needs to idle rich unless it has the air pump still installed.

It is the one that i have shown in my built thread. 13B Cosmo, semi p-ports, large streetports, 8x bosch 210 injectors, 2x 44mm Tial Wastegates, 3inch twinscroll exhaust manifold. The only stock thing is the oilpump :-).

Our first test on saturday will be at max 2 bar of boost for the beginning.

The targets you've listed are a reasonable starting point. The idle target really is just going to need to be selected in order to get a reasonable idle quality - It's not going to affect engine reliability. Under boost you may actually find that you need to target richer than 0.6 lambda. I've had the occasional rotary drag engine that literally needed to run off the scale in order to cleanly run through at high boost levels. Most however run happily in the 0.60-0.65 range.

Hi Andre, thanks for your answer. If i understood you correctly, it could only affect the idling itself, but not the durability of the engine?

Idling is not so important for our drag car. For me, it's mainly about less exhaust gases when warming up the engine. Due to the methanol and the premix there are quite strong exhaust gases.

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