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Idle problems

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I have strange idle behaviors. It seems normal under 1000 RPM but can you please help on the following issues?

My idle target table and base positions are all set. However when I first start the car, idle speed control does not come active. Idle stays as the car has already warmed up. If I accelerate a bit then it starts to work. If I restart it this time it kicks in after a while. See log 1.

Idle fluctuates at 1000 or above rpm. You can see at the second logs that TP is almost same but there is an RPM fluctuation. See log 2

Saying so, when ac clutch/request is on there is additional fluctuation. I am not sure if its connected to 2nd item. See log 3.

Idle drops to 500 RPM when engine fan kicks in. See log 4.

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