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Hi- I have an engine running on an Atom G4+ . The idle speed is controlled by a bosch idle solenoid based on ect . This works fine when the engine is cold and the idle speed is higher than when the engine is at running temps . High idle when cold about 1100 rpm ramping down to 950 . But when the engine is hot enough to get the isc solenoid to close to its normal hot running position the engine is a little bit reluctant to start . Is there a way i can get the solenoid to open momentarily when the engine is hot . I want to get it to do what some late model cars do and rev up a little on start up before settling to its idle speed . Is this possible with this set up ?

Yeah go to the Idle Speed Control menu.

Then go the "Idle Up Tables"

then select "Startup step table"

And you can set the ISCV position for first cranking, just keep trying to crank the motor with foot off the gas and keep increasing that number until it starts nicely.

You might find that adding some crank enrichment and post start enrichment might help too.

These available under the Fuel > Cold start menu. (Even though you're not adjusting cold start in this instance)

Awesome - Thanks for your help .

So a funny thing happened when i went to adjust the values in the startup step table . It would not let me enter the numbers i wanted . ECU was online at the time . If i entered 30 anywhere into the table it came up as 4.4 . The only way i could get near 30 was to enter 100 . And that entered as 23.4 . Whats up with that ? So later in the day after disconnecting the ecu from the laptop and bringing up the G4 program i could enter any value i wanted . I stored my changes to the laptop so i hope it transfers to the ecu next time i get it online.

OK- So i still dont know why when i enter certain values in the stepup start table it enters 4.4 for the value but i have a bigger problem with this table anyway . My idle control numbers in the idle base position table work in reverse . The higher the number the more closed the solenoid so as a percentage adder the stepup table works in reverse also - if that makes sense . And i cant do negative numbers in the stepup start table . What do i need to do so i can get the engine to rev a little on hot restart .?

Problem solved - A certain muppet ( Me ) got the aux1 and aux2 wires to the 3 wire idle solenoid swapped - Doh ! When i swap them to their correct position it should work the right way . As in the higher the number in the table the faster the idle - I hope .

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