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ok so im gonna test the power of the hp forum, I have a sr20ve swapped b13 I acquired it by trading some parts to some one that didn't know what they were doing lol so I got the car running (initial start was a virgin b13 de ecu) started perfect, cold idle was normal and as well as warm idle I then decided to switch the ecu with my nemu board ecu. so then the idling issue started oit idles irraticly from 1.5k-2

ive clean the aacv and tried another one as well same results it idles around 1.4k-1.6k cold idle once warmed to operating temp it then starts to flux only on my nemu ecu, also I noticed my headers were starting to glow red which would indicate a lean mixture. i have noticed that when i switch load source from maf to tps my idle erratic issue goes away it will thent idle around high 1.2k-1.3k till i adjust fuel where i have gotten it at a good idle, but when i am under maf load source it continues to idle up and down if any one is familiar with nismotronic or the sr20 b13 please help me out its driving me crazy, ps i ran the same exact tune that i configured off a base to from start up calibration on my old set up which was very similar and had no issues i have tried start up calibrations and hasn't seemed to do anything. any feed back would be appreciated

What would be really helpful is if you could provide a copy of your file, and a data log which included AFR's as it does sound like you are running lean but there could be a simple reason for it, also a list of any modifications you've carried out to the engine

It was running lean i gave it more gas but there is something i between that wont allow me to get a smooth idle and it only does it on maf load source so something with in the area is up setting the idle and its not the maf itself as i already checked that one out

And also i still have to install my wide band so hope i can do that this weekend so i can get some afrs

Can you post your calibration file? I have a b13 sr20ve with Nismotornic on my car never had that issue. Did you do the base timing procedure and what MAF are you running? What base map did you use? Sr20VE has a cold start thermovalve, that might need to be adjusted, you can also play with the adjustment screw on the iav. But if your headers are glowing red you must have retarted the timing alot.

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