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Ign Idle control

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"It's a limit to how much the idle control is allowed to advance the timing from the lookup table. So it would be your timing table PLUS 5 degrees in this example."

Just got some info about my ecu. How would I go about adjusting everything? would i have to lower the ign on the main ign table or just increase from the idle control screen?

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Without knowing much about your particular ECU, it appears that the menu you posted up allows you to set the max advance/retard values used under idle ignition control. If this is based off the main table values as I suspect it is, you would need to make sure that the main ignition table is retarded below MBT in the idle region. Around 12-15 deg BTDC should be a reasonable place to be that will allow the ECU enough control to both advance or retard the timing to achieve a good range of idle speed control.

The motor will be idling in the 1000 rpm range, wish i knew at what kpa since the ecu had to be returned to be fixed. So keep the main ign table where it is at than make adjustment to the ign idle control menu? Sorry Professor, for some reason this is doing my head in lol.

Most engines with stock cams will idle somewhere in the 30-50 kPa region. Perhaps if you are running cams with a lot of duration and overlap you may see the vacuum sitting at maybe 50-70 kPa.

How you treat the idle ignition control will depend on the ECU. It appears from your screen shots that the ECU you have applies the trim to the table value, so in this case you would want to make the table values around the idle point slightly retarded from MBT. I hope this makes some sense.

Gotcha. Yes they are big cams. Cheers Andrea!

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