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Ignition break up/boost leak/tune?

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what’s up guys I have an fc rx7 with a street ported turbo2 engine running on a haltech elite 550 1000cc injectors and ign1a coils I just swapped over to a fd upper intake manifold and now the car is just super lazy. With my original upper intake the car ran fine. Now after this swap I’m having some issues. When going into boost the car is extremely laggy and almost hesitant, it sounds like it’s breaking up, the vacuum/cruise areas of the map are fine. initially when i did the swap I had to add a bit more fuel in the map due to the supposed more flow of the fd manifold. When going into boost my afrs are on or close to my targets (10.9-10.7) but the car feels so laggy right after I get off the throttle and come to a stop the car shuts off. Every time I go into some positive pressure and come to a stop it shuts off.Cruising and driving around in the vacuum areas are fine. I’ve checked for vacuum leaks and found none, tightened all the couplings,checked all vacuum hoses, even sprayed starter fluid to see if there’s a change in rpm.I’m going to do a boost leak test as soon as the tester comes in. Would a boost leak cause an issue like this ? During ignition break up would stay the same? I would think they would go lean. I will try to post my map tomorrow if that would help. I’m in the beginning stages when it comes to tuning any input would be greatly appreciated

What is your dwell time and plug gap? Maybe need some adjustment? Your coil is supposed to be the king of the world.

At idle I’m at 5.8ms @13-14v and then it tapers off to 4.4ms @6000rpms. I’m not gapping my plugs as I’m not even sure they could be gapped they are bur9eqp for both trailing and leading I’ll insert a pic. I may have found an issue leading to this though. While driving I noticed my battery voltage is at the 12-13v range so I’m beginning to think I may have some voltage issues that I have to look into

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