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Ignition cutoff

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im using a piggyback ecu and i would like to know if i can use the ignition table for cutoff ( backfire )

im thinking to do that as for fun ..

Can i just pull off 10 degree at any rpm i want?

Is it safe to do that ?

Note : its AEM FIC6 - NONE TUNE ( STOCK )


I haven't had anything to do with the AEM FIC so can't comment specifically on its capabilities. What you'll likely find though is because the factory ECU is still largely in control is that the injectors will be shut off on over run which means that it won't have any effect if you retard the timing.

Thank you Andre for your reply ..

What about if i just retard the timing before over run ?

What im thinking to do is to do backfire while the car is completely STOP

and i can control the ecu by switch ON / OFF

ON when i want to do backfire

OFF when i want to drive normally

What do you think ?

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I think that what you're trying to achieve is probably going to be difficult with a piggyback. Pretty much anything you do with the piggy back ECU will be irrelevant if the factory ECU has gone into over run fuel cut off. Retarding the timing may have a split second effect but normally a factory ECU will transition into fuel cut within perhaps a second or less of off-throttle operation.

You're unlikely to do any damage with retard in the over run condition so I'd suggest trying it out and seeing if it has the effect you want. You may find that without a full standalone though you will struggle.

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