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Ignition for dual plug (Twinspark) engine, wasted spark or sequential?

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I'm planning an engine build with a dual plug engine, specifically an Alfa Romeo 2L 8v Twinspark 4-cylinder engine. I'm going to upgrade it to coil-on-plug and will use the EMU Black. I'll have sequential injection but it looks like I'll have to do wasted spark since I have 8 plugs on 4 cylinders.

My question is how do I pair up the cylinders for ignition? Or could I fool wasted spark into actually just firing one cylinder at a time. I've been thinking about how do V8s do wasted spark? Take that firing order and trick it into firing sequentially!


hello, i would just use coils with built-in ignitors and pair up both coils to one driver out of the ECU and run sequentual

Regards Ross

Ok, so just wire up the smart CoPs in parallel? That's easier.

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