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Ignition knock on a rotary engine

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Iv understand that a piston engine it's more tolerant to ignition knock than a rotary engine and that you can determine if you have too much ignition timing by actually watching or listening to the engine knock and then retard the timing.

so my question is, how do you accurately tune ignition timing to its full potential in a rotary if you can't risk ignition knock at all. because even a slight bit of knock can cause damage to the engine.

The answer is that you don't unless you are prepared to find the limit and then back it off and rebuild the engine. The rotary engine however is not as sensitive to ignition timing as a piston engine and you won't find that you see a massive torque increase as you start advancing the timing. For this reason you won't necessarily be sacrificing much power and torque with a rotary engine by using conservative advance.

Ive always found that gains start diminishing WELL before you get into knock, on your average 13b-rew anyways.

Just noticed I substituted 'detonation' for 'ignition timing' in my post above. Apologies, I've now edited my original post. My post was essentially saying the same as 13bjunkie.

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