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Ignition retard

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I'd like to know if the ignition retard does that mean the engine is knock limiter ?

im using piggyback ecu and after scaling the maf i found that the ignition timing is retard by 3 & 5 degree at some point.

Without more information, maybe?

If the actual timing is less than that mapped, it would suggest so - is there a knock detecting device on the engine, is there an aoption for it to be enabled in the software, is there any option for knock detection to bring up a warning?

Thank you @Gord for your reply ..

im not sure about the actual timing but im comparing between before scaling maf and after.

yes there is knock detecting on the engine but the piggyback cant enable it.

yes im using knocklink g4 flash.

With the map rescale do you table axes still represent real nominsl flow or has it been "stretched" if so and you haven't adjusted ignition timing appropriately you might expect it to experience knock it it is applying ignition timing for less that the real flow.

Thx @Slides,

the piggyback doesn’t have Maf table as standalone or reflash type ..

it has empty maf table which allow u to clamp / modifi the signal .. you can only change the output volt going to the oem ecu ..

yes im getting less ignition with higher air flow without touching the ignition table

When you rescale the MAF sensor (either in the actual ECU or in the look up table you are using now) you change the engine load calculation, which affects the spark timing by moving you into a different part of the various maps inside the main ECU.

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