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ignition timing

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New to this so please guide and correct

when advancing the timing by 2 degrees, should one keep testing and adjusting till you reach MBT? and how does one know theyve reached MBT without a dyno.

seconldy keep adjusting till you notice knock on the logs then retard timing?


You need to measure the effect of an ignition timing change. The dyno is the tool for this, and audible knock detection is the way to make sure you haven't reached a knock limit (which means you should reduce the timing advance).

Sometimes if a car is very far off of optimum, you can tell just by driving around, or measuring acceleration -- but that only works until you get within a few degrees of optimum, then you need a dyno to find the Maximum Timing for Best Torque.

Thanks for that! so without a dyno the timing will not be a 100%