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Ignition timing on rb25det, stock internals, stock turbo, NisTune ECU

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I have a NisTune'd R33 gts25t s2 and currently tweaking the timing via road tune. I'm running ~ 15 deg timing at ~ 10psi boost pressure (max load and around 7000rpm). It seems to be running fine with good power, and my knock detection device Isn't picking up too much noise. However, when i fit larger injectors shortly I'm wanting to run ~ 14ps max. Do i decrease timing as boost increases? Also, max timing (at max load/rpm) at ~20psi when i fit larger turbo later on?

Cheers, any help would be much appreciated.

Do not increase ignition advance as the boost increases as that will likely cause damage.

15 Degrees @ 10psi at lower, Mbt or higher rpm?

Depending on what rods your using you may not want to push too much..

As a general rule, timing increases with rpm, and decreases with load. It is safe to add more timing AFTER peak torque, as you would be past your peak efficiency (ve) and need more timing after to keep it going.

Road tuning is ok but you should really get on a good load bearing dyno to see what your changes are actually doing.

Its 15 degrees timing at max load (10psi) and 7000rpm, timing map is fine following the load vs rpm guidelines. Just wanted to see what timing others are running around 20psi and 7000rpm. Cheers.

Hi Ricky,

How did you go with this? I am starting to tune timing on an RB25 on e85 at 20psi and have been having trouble with knock detection. I'm hoping you now have some experience with the rb25 that you may be able to share!


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