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Ignition timing when setting engine noise profile for knock detection

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hey guys how would i approach the timing settings when trying to get a engine noise profile for knock detection (plex knock monitor)

I setup a region with advanced timing (around 20 degrees more than the base would be) in the timing map that I can snap into and out of easily in a medium load (around 2500rpm) region of the engine. This lets me load the engine up on the dyno at around 80% throttle, snap the throttle open to get the timing to go into the advanced region of the map and generate a knock spike, and the drop the throttle back out before any damage can be done.

Follow PLEX's instructions but let the timing be where the engine still makes reasonable torque. Meaning, if you anticipate "x" degrees of timing for max output, retard 5-10 degrees to get the noise profile.

The whole point of this exercise is to NOT to retard the timing too far to determine the base noise profile, because as torque output increases, mechanical noise will also increase up to a certain extent. Yes, if you run a very conservative timing and make a whole lot less output, you will be on the safer side of things, but you may also be misled by false positives (false knock due to mechanical or other noise) afterwards.

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