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IMAP/EMAP tuning theory

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Has HP academy discussed IMAP/EMAP (intake pressure/ exhaust pressure) in a past webinar or article? If there's any info on this, could someone point me to it?


I am looking for confirmation of my thinking. When Tuning IMAP/EMAP, What is the Boost area, Boost Threshold and vacuum region values. I would assume an IMAP/EMAP value of 1.0 to be the boost threshold, a value less than 1.0 to be the vacuum region and a Value Greater than 1.0 to be the positive boost region. Is this Correct?

Thanks, Javier

No, it becomes pretty difficult to differentiate in many conditions. Over-run/cruise will always be significantly less than 1.0, small road car turbos will usually result in >1.0 on boost, but with a decent hot side you can be less than 1.0 the whole time - even at full boost WOT.

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