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Importance of equal length intake runners on boosted motor.

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I'm in the process of collecting parts for my build, and in that case, when looking for an intake, there not alot to choose from.

My build is a VR6, and the ports in the head is about 10-11cm longer on the other cylinder bank compared to the closest bank.

When building this intake, would it be important to length match the total port, in a boosted motor. If NA, I know it makes more difference.

The supplier does not have a staggered kit for the 24v at the moment, only for the 12v, but I'm not in a hurry so :P


vs Flat:

In the perfect world you would try and maintain equal length inlet runners as this will have an effect on the cylinder filling and hence the VE of the engine. I can't say how much effect the unequal length runners would have but if it was possible I'd try and get a staggered manifold to keep the lengths equal regardless whether I'm building an N/A or turbo engine.