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IMRC Delete on 2015 Mustang

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I'm doing an IMRC delete and the MP's 0-13 are for closed IMRC. Which means I will have to disable those MP's which is fine. So my question is, I noticed in the Practical Example of the Ford Raptor you only had 4 maps enabled. I want to do the same thing with one map for idle, cruise, light, hard accel, and then my OP map. With that being said each map only has one cam angle for intake and exhaust. How would you blend this together to get the most out of the VCT? I didn't see any VCT tuning in the example and the idle map is no problem along with the OP map since the OP map has cam angles per RPM. But with cruising, and acceleration into the OP what would be a good way to blend these together or good cam angles to try and position the car better for part throttle power and drivability? Thanks.