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Increasing RPM limiter on rotary

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I am currently working on a 13b 6port from an rx8.

The OEM limiter is set to 9500 RPM.

What speaks against this on e.g. to set 10500 or 11000?

Because of the time the injector have to inject the fuel is to small?

hello it is determed by a few factors

materials used in the build inc the flywheel and clutch

rotor weights

ecu processing speed

I am using stock rotors, goofy apex, solid corner seals, oem sideseals, housings like new (5000km on them), same for all bearings, competition light weight flywheel, stage 4 clutch (metal pads) and an adaptronic select pnp for s1 rx8's.

Stock rx8 injectors (red, yellow, blue)

the biggest limiting factor is the e shaft. when i went around 11k rpm i had to use a 2 piece e shaft and center bearing because the e shaft flexs and the rotors can touch the housings and thats....not good.

I saw a Pic of a destroyed housing where the rotor did that.

So better stay at oem rpm's.


if the power is dropping off before the rev limiter its pointless increasing rpm anyway as theres no need.

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