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Initial MoTeC M170 Setup

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Hey guys,

I'm in process of swapping from an AEM Series 7 to a MoTeC M170 (JRR) and just got my unit fired up for the first time today after finishing my patch harness. I'm completely new to MoTeC and a bit overwhelmed with the new platform.

Couple simple questions.

First, I'm sure I missed this in the videos somewhere, but how can I change the units for all temp parameters from Deg C to F?

Second, I've got an AEM Inlet Temp Sensor and was hoping to simply input the temps and resistances in a table, but all I see is the Inlet Air Temp Sensor Translation table and that's in temp and voltage. What am I missing and how do I deal with manual calibration input for sensors?

I'm sure I'll have a ton more questions as I go back and re-watch the M1 Videos.



Hi i hope you're doing well. Since my knowledge base is low but for units once you load up the software you go tools> beneath show units you choose the ones you prefer. I dunno if there's a way to get them all replaced by one click but worse case scenerio you can go back to the one i told about and you should be on your way!

In M1 Tune, use Tools->Show Data Properties...

Search for "Temperature".

Control-click each line that has the "Unit" column with °C in it. Or you can also select a few at a time using the shift key.

Click the Edit button, and change the Display Unit to "fahrenheit (°F)".

I usually just change units as I come across them in the worksheets (using right-click Active Item->Properties..) Note you will need to change worksheet objects like gauges on each worksheet to have appropriate ranges and color band values. Those numbers will not change with the units, but other values for a channel should change as you change the units.

If I can help you remotely using TeamViewer for a bit of personal M1 tutorial, just let me know. Email to ferg@veracitydata.com is the best way to get started.

Regarding the temperature sensor calibration, the M1 temperature inputs have a 1K ohm pullup to 5V. So you can calculate the voltage for a given resistance. Here is a spreadsheet that I use that has several sensors and various reference voltages and pullup values. This should help you.

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@ Shoeless

I'd take Davids offer!

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the excel file and pointer that I'll just have to change them all individually. I'm going to give your file a go and see how far I can get, but may reach out if I get stuck and need a bit more guidance. Definitely a steep learning curve jumping to a full MoTeC setup, but I'm excited.



I have attached a calibration file for the AEM 30-2010 and 30-2014 Air Temp Sensors, This can be imported into the Translation table using the Import function.

To change the units quickly, highlight the channel and press Crtl+n on the keyboard, this brings up the Channel Properties window.

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Awesome, thanks man!!!

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