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Injector and lambda map questions

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Hi all,

Can someone please explain what I am looking at here.

The vehicle is a petrol turbo engine using a wideband and MAP sensor.

I assume the 'Injection Base map' uses the Lambda ratio of 1 to adult injector pulse to suit engine load?

Is there any explanation of the Limit of Lambda map and Requested Lambda map?

Therefore, I assume if i adjust air volumetric maps, the 'Injection Base Map' will cater for the fuelling to reach a lambda value of 1? With the Limit of Lambda and Requested Lambda compensating?


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Unfortunately that's not an ECU that I've tuned before so it's a little hard to give you solid answers. Does the measured lambda currently track the Requested lambda values? That would be my assumption and if so, this is where you should be making your tuning changes for lambda targets. If you have a VE map then this would be adjusted until the measured lambda tracks the requested value. The lambda limit is most likely exactly that - The minimum lambda the ECU can command for situations where compensations are applied.