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Injector Characterisation - HP tuners

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I have a set of Injector I would like to get Characterised for use in HPtuners.

Is there somewhere In Australia that can do this?

Part is Bosch 0280155968


I'm not aware of anyone offering this as a commercial service. If you find someone, please update this thread as I know many others would make use of the service.

I didn't find anyone unfortunately. However a company in the states gave me the data as they sell these injectors. Was nice of them, didn't even charge me for it.

With Hp tuners, inputting the values I got for Short Pulse adder, the values I paste in are changed to values close but not the same.

Eg: I paste in 0.4729, Hp tuners displays 0.4711

Is there some sort of Indexed value system the rounds to the closest values? or something else at play?

EDIT: The issue with the strange values is apparently a resolution issue in the PCM. nothing to worry about.


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