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Injector Latency and dead times

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i seeing lot of ppl asking about Injector Latency, Dead Times and Offsets.

so where can we find a source for "stock" injectors. eg i am working on a GTiR with an Elite 1500

also who are the companies that provide this information accurately.

Hello, as far as i know the dead time parameters are provided by the injector maker company.

Sometimes it's very difficult to find the correct values (when i was searching for Siemens 630cc i found 6 versions of totally different values).

In the end what defines the AFR stability is the curve tendency (the changes by voltage change), and not the absolute value because it only changes what is the Fuel-Base values will be.

What i mean is for example your car usually works at 14.0 volts and dead is X, what is important is that at 12volts the X + delta will get you stable AFRs. The "X" itself is less important.

Hope that my understanding was correct and knowing people are welcome to fix me.

Here's a link to a site I use for stock injectors, don't take the values as gospel but it'll get you up and running:


Chris, you forgot the link

I did haha, added now. I was in a rush this morning

Thank you guys... :)

i had that link before, forget where it was...

so as far as companies that make injectors, who are the ones we can trust to provide correct information?

If you're buying new injectors then make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who can offer you deadtime data with your injectors - Injector Dynamics, FIC and ASNU spring to mind but I imagine there are others. For factory injectors it's much harder. Companies like Motec are characterising OE injectors to provide calibration data for their own M1 series of ECUs but this won't strictly benefit those with different brands.

I've used dead time data from the injector rehab link that Chris provided with reasonable results in the past. If you have no better data for your injectors then data from that link is likely to be as good an option as any and it's definitely going to be closer than a blank dead time comp table.


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