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Injector latency question....

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Hello everyone, so I am starting the tuning on a 1989 Nissan 240sx, the engine(CA18DET running Nistune) has 800cc deatschwerks low impedence injectors installed.

I have attached the data sheet for the injectors in this post.

Basically I have reached out to deatschwerks multiple times trying to figure what the injector latency at 14 volts would be for this set of injectors with no avail. In the data sheet you will see it talks about the offset table provided not being accurate for people running these injectors with a resistor pack inline(I am running the stock resistor pack inline with these injectors).

So is there a way to extrapolate from the data sheet what my injection latency should be at 14 volts(need at 14 volts for Nistune input)? Or maybe some other way? What would be a good round about number to start with? any help is appreciated.

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What are you using for your exisiting values (ie. below 14v)? From those offsets, we might be able to extrapolate into the 14v value based on the provided data. If Nistune only uses a single value, what is the resistance of your resistor pack (ie, what is the maximum current they will provide). That will give you a clue to make an educated guess. But it will be just that, an educated guess.

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