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Injector Scaling on the Link G4 ECU

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Howdy -

I have a Link G4 PNP for my subaru and had a couple questions about the Fuel Main table after watching this webinar. I went into my current tune and looked at my Map to see if I had the broad range of fuel values, and I was going to scale it to make the lower right have a value of approximately 85.

My Master Fuel is 7ms with a trim of 5% for a total of 7.35ms. After you saying that your "go to" number was 14ms to get a good starting point that raised a red flag for me, because I knew I was only at 42 in the lower right of my map. See attached for my fuel Map. After watching HPA Fundamentals I know down that at it is more than 100 kPa there for a boosted application, so the background calculations take care of that for me... my question is this: In the data log snapshot I attached I have an acutal IPW of 7.428ms. ... would it seem out of line to have my master be approximately 3ms with a trim of 22% for a net of 3.66ms? Just seems really low to me, but since it is just math, maybe it would work.

Please keep in mind, I was still dialing in the tune at this point, but it is one log that I had handy, and for the purposes of this question it worked the best.

Thanks for the hard work! I've learned a lot so far and am excited to try out the new knowledge on this build that is about wrapping up

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