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injector temperature

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Has anyone experienced injector temperature effecting air/fuel ratio.

Just wondering if Engine temperature, engine bay temp and increasing fuel temp, effect internal resistance of injector which changes a/f ratio.

more likely on light load and idle.

What exactly are your observations / data and symptoms the engine shows?

really just want to know, if injector resistance increases from heat does it effect fuel flow from injector.

e.g injector resistance 12 ohms@ cold start.

injector resistance 15-16 ohms after heatsoak engine bay

but i guess with fuel flowing it keeps injectors at normal operating temperatures.

just finding it hard to get fairly consistent a/f ratio at idle and light load. I'm thinking its temperature related or injectors are going into non-linear range.

What ecu?

autronics smd plug n play version 5/6 wrx. EJ207 ID1000cc injectors@ 3bar fuel pressure.

im looking at upgrading soon to either link g4+ or haltech elite, just not sure which one

Got charge temp approximation on that ecu?

If yes it is possible that its not tuned correctly for your car.

Between those two i would personaly go with a link ecu.

Does the Autronic have a Fuel Temp Correction factor? with a VE modelled ECU especially, this can change the Lambda value quite significantly if it isn't correct.

yes it does have charge temp estimation, i think its the same as link g4+. My table trend is light load and rpm it's more bias to engine coolant higher rpm and load more bias to intake air temp. It's probably not setup completely correct but i think its not way off.

no fuel temp correction. it's pretty old ecu now.

I think Autronic smc follows traditional fuel model but you do have to enter engine compression ratio.

pretty sure ill go with link g4+ but i was interested in haltech's long term learning funcution and being novice learner it could make things easier.

Some injectors flow rates are heavily affected by fuel temperature. For example the Bosch 1600 EV14 is terrible and you could expect to see large swings in AFR as the fuel temperature varied. I don't see a dramatic change with most of the applications I tune though. The Autronic ECUs are far from my favourite ECU to tune, however they were actually ahead of their time in many ways and it's quite possible to achieve flat and stable fuel control if the mechanical package is capable in the first place.

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