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Injector to head adapters

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Recently i have noticed most aftermarket manufacturers make an effort to keep the injector as close to the head as possible, my question is if you were to run a spacer style adapter between the injectors (only 10-20mm) how much of an effect would this have on the fuel maintaining its atomisation and how much of an issue would the "wall wetting" in side the adapter/spacer be?

i have attached photos of some spacer i had made for my car (3sgte), the clearance to the head/manifold on the wiring connectors is extremely tight, looking to revisit these to win some clearance, currently these space the injector back 3mm. injectors are 1550CC bosch injectors.

what are people experiences? can i run spacers with out detrimental affects?

i can upload spacers of the drawings if anyone is curious

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Since you presumably don't care about emissions, I suspect that the effect would be limited. You may have to retune tip in/acceleration enrichment fuel. You can also try adjusting your injection timing at low loads.

I don't think you are likely to notice a real difference unless the spray pattern is very wide and it fouls and wets the walls of the injector boss on the way into the manifold. Its not like going to an injection throttle body with a massive change to wetted runner volume and distance to the port.

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