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hi guys!

im in the middle of a throttle bodies project and stuck with the injector dead time map.

it's 2009 yzf-r1 throttle bodies with main injectors (secondry are on the airbox which i won't use)

using haltech sprint 500..

thanks in advance

Essentially you're stuck unfortunately unless you swap to injectors that have proper data available, or you can find an injector specialist who is willing to test and characterise your injectors for you. It might be worth downloading the FT ECU software for the Yamaha R1 and see if you can extract dead time data from the factory map.

Beyond this I'll give you my suggestion that is undoubtedly a little controversial - Dead time data is not the be all and end all of tuning. Yes it's nice to have and I'll go out of my way to use injectors where this data is available and that will give me the best results. However at the start of my career I tuned several ECUs that didn't even have dead time tables and still produced an engine that ran well.

My advice if you have no data and can't get it is to set the dead time to an arbitrary value of 0.85 ms at 14V. Once you have your idle at a stable AFR you can disconnect your alternator and reduce the charging voltage. Now adjust the lower voltage zones of the table to achieve the same AFR. You can then add more electrical load with lights, fans etc to drop the voltage further and repeat the process. I then extrapolate the shape of the dead time table you've produced both up to higher voltages, as well as down to the lower voltages. It won't be correct but it will give you a result that's workable and as good as you're going to get without the correct data.