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Wanted to ask something in terms of tuning tools , because I mostly deal with 2 specific brands at the moment , I am thinking of having a spare header that will have already 4 K-type sensors and 4 wide bands to use in specific occasions to get the maximum tune out of it . I will be using the same header on those cars but with 1 sensor of each on it when those engines will be in use . So my question is if anyone has any personal experience with the TC-4 and what would be a good 4-channel wideband to use ? I think for Innovate kits I have to buy 4 individual systems ? So I was thinking of buying the AEM kit and then at the normal O2 sensor position I will have installed my LM-2

We have the AEM 4 channel UEGO on our engine dyno as well as our Toyota 86 and have found it to be pretty good. It does use the older LSU4.2 sensor and they are a specific part that uses a connector we can't easily source through regular suppliers here in NZ. The other way that we have gone is to use 4 x Link CAN-Lambda units. The cost for the 4 Link units is probably similar to the AEM unit and the Link units use LSU 4.9 sensors. The only downside is the Link units only communicate via CAN so there is no option for an analogue output. Of course this ensures the signal is not compromised but it does mean you can't use them with anything that doesn't have a user definable CAN bus.

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