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Innovate DLG-1, big difference in banks

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Hi there!

you guy's even experienced a big difference with both banks in a V engine? Im using Innovate DLG-1 dual wideband on a link G4+ and i see big differences on both banks. In my opinion im thinking about a rear error instead of the banks actually being this off.

With the example im already applying a 2.5% trim and still its more than 6 to 12% off with the other bank.

On top of this if im using the sensor calibration as taken from the documentation the reading is really way off.

0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V = 22.39 AFR

So im using the build in Innovate calibration instead of the provided information.

You guys have any thought on this?

Kind regards,


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I wouldn't be too surprised to see two banks 10% different from each other, especially if there are aftermarket parts on the engine. Try swapping sensors between the banks, and/or swapping which channel the sensors connect to on the controller, to make sure the difference is between banks and not between sensors or channels on the wideband controller.

It's also not a bad idea to disable each cylinder one at a time to make sure they're all firing and the wideband picks up the misfire. For instance, if you turn off the injector for cylinder 3 but the engine doesn't start misfiring, that means cylinder 3 wasn't working in the first place. It's usually easy to hear a single cylinder misfire on a 4- or 6-cylinder engine, but can be tricky to notice on a V8 with aggressive cams.

Vincent, what engine? Some such as nissan VQHR and VG which have separate throttle bodies on each bank are terrible at small throttle openings.

Thanks Scott, Adam,

Its a vq35de, single throttle body. I will try and switch the sensor input from one bank to another. In my opinion the ECU should/could detect a misfire? i will disable the injectors one by one to see if thats it. i sure hope not. Thanks for the input!

Kind regards,


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