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Innovate lm2 reading different on laptop than controller

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I have free air calibrated my lm2 and set the calibration on the link to cal 4 (linear calibration), with the range as 0v = 0.5 lambda and 5v = 1.523 lambda, as it states the factory default range in the manual.. The laptop however reads 0.015lambda lean compared to the lm2 controller.. Which reading is the correct one, and how would I go about getting both values to read the same? Thanks

I regularly face to the same problem and your offset is not so big... It is due to the wire from your WB to ECU : cable length/diameter and ground configuration.

Last solution is to modify the linear calibration to read the same value.

Thanks for your reply, I suspected the resistance through the wires/ solder connection may influence the reading, I will keep that in mind while tuning. I really appreciate your help


I have also found this numerous times, I tend to adjust the scaling in the Link software until it matches the Motec PLM I run in the dyno.

To be honest I don't think I have ever had one not needing the calibration to be tweaked.

Let us know how you get on.

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