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Innovate Motorsports Psn-1 thorn in my side

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Ok I've read through fourms on this and tried several different settings even random configs in an attempt to get this dang thing working right. 'trying to bring my wideband info into HPT via a usb COM port adapter. I have the com port settings as recommended from Innovate. No matter what I seem to do in HPT I get way off/weird readings like 690.00 I cannot seem to resolve this issue help please.

So the first step is to make sure your computer can communicate with the PSN-1 using the LM Programmer software. This will assure you've got a working serial stream. Have you done that?

I wonder if the problem is that this device is more than a wideband controller, so it sends extra information over the serial connection. The HPTuners serial decode may not be setup to handle this, and so you get bogus readings, such as treating the bottle pressure as a lambda value...

@david I can get perfect readings via The innovate software and have tried the transforms for all the other innovate WBs I unhooked all the other sources of data for the moment while im trying to get this configured.