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Innovate MTX-L goes to E8 error after engine brake

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Has anyone ran into this issue? With my Hawk STi running a hill down with engine brake more then roughly 10 seconds (while the gauge shows 22+ AFR) it goes to E8 error and the only way to reset it is to shut the engine down and restart.

Any ideas or experience is appreciated.


That's interesting, as an E8 error is usually to do with the sensor temperature, according to the innovate manual: https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/support/manual/MTX-L_print%201.2.pdf

Can you try another sensor at all, and see if you get the same problem?

Thanks Zac. This is a brand new sensor, as I cooked the original one. :)

For the new sensor I got an extender machined with copper cooling plates and since then I have no issues even ~800C EGT.

Also before the old sensor died and displayed E8, it also started to show kind of random AFR numbers that was rapidly changing; not to mention that engine restart did not solve the issue back then.

So I am pretty sure it is not overheating, but I think the controller assumes that 22+ AFR is an actual issue if it happens for an extended (10+ sec) period of tike.

I was also trying to find a table that could influence the AFR in this special situation, but I found nothing that was obvious. So if you have any idea on tweaking this AFR, that would solve the issue as well.

I'm an Innovate Motorsports dealer, and I chased problems with error 8 on an LC-1 for over a year. We changed sensors, heat sinks, bung location, power supply. Eventually another LC-1 fixed the problem - it was internal to the unit. Based on my experience, if changing the heat sink doesn't fix this right away, get a new controller from Innovate (or your dealer) to try.

Thanks David.

I will give Innovate a call to see what they say, although they were not much help before.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem on Innovate wideband systems. I suspect that it is the way they control the heater in the sensor. They use the same off the shelf Bosch sensor family that everybody else uses but seem to have a higher rate of sensor overheat.

Just wanted to close the circle on this thread.

I was calling Innovate to see if they can recommend something smart and new, but they were saying only what we discussed here before.

I would have had the option to send the unit back to them for repair, but considering that I live in Europe and their turnaround on this kind of service is more then what my last travel duration to US was, (not to mention the fee of the test), I decided to purchase an other unit.

This time I went for an AEM digital unit and I so far I love it. I did not have any serial to USB issue what I also had before with the MPL-X and it does not hang during overrun.

On the other hand I was able to get hold of the overrun fuelcut table addresses for my ECU, so having overrun fueling cut disabled would have also helped with this type of E8 error code.

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