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Inside tire wear - track use how to resolve

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I track 3 to 4 times a year on Nankang AR-1 tires. Car is completely stock with exception of LCA to increase camber on front tires. Also run 18" tires. I drive it to and from the track which is usually around 250 miles.

Car is very neutral with slight oversteer over sharp corners. Overall very happy with it.

After 5 track days on a new set of tires I realize the front and rear tires has substantial more wear on inside which will certainly reduce tire life as it will cord on the inside.

I am running -2.5 front camber / -1.5 rear camber / front toe 0mm / rear total toe in 2mm which is not very aggressive and should be "friendly" to the tires.

Also I run pyrometer to check temps .. overall the inside temp is ~15F higher than outside .... on all corners. Pressure ~ 33-34 lbs.

I dont see anything obvious wrong but definitely would like to make changes on the alignment in order to get more even tire wear.

Would appreciate any advise.

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Get them refitted and balanced at half life mounted the other way. Everything is a compromise.

appreciate the feedback.

The tires have 5 days .... run two different tracks ... both clockwise ... 2 days on driver side and 3 days on passenger. Unfortunately I am already rotating them as inside wear is still more on inside.

Other ideas was to flip them on the rim ... but cannot do that as their specific outside position.

Any other ideas?

The easiest option is to reduce the camber by a degree all round - if it's for track days, if the car is slightly slower it isn't important because they're for fun rather than setting personal records - although those are fun too.

There may be a benefit from dropping the pressures a little, especially if it's a fairly light car, as those seem a bit on the high side?

You don't mention whether the wear is on the outside tyres - the right on a CCW circuit, the left on a CW - or the inside.

responding to the previous post ... I dont recall the wear from my first 2 days of track ... I should have take few pictures but for sure there is more wear on driver side as track is clockwise.

The camber is already on low side so is hard to believe it would help.

I will measure the alignment to assure it matches what was the initial setup. Maybe something got out of place.

car handles really really well ... just need to improve tire wear.

What car is it ? Suspension geometry is different from car to car


I had the chance to measure my alignment this weekend. Camber is as expected -2.5 front and -1.5 rear but the toe was all over the place. Have seem front 3mm toe out on one side and 3mm toe in on the other side. Maybe this can explain the wear issue. I still have few days on this tire so I plan to use it but cannot take any conclusion now.

Toe was fixed : zero front toe and 2mm toe in total on rear. Will get new set of tires and monitor.

Will take a while but will come back later to share the results.

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