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Installing plex knock monitor

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Hi guys,

I'm just getting into the world of tuning and as such I've just purchased a plex knock monitor to accurately detect knock while I'm tuning.

One thing I didn't really look into before purchasing the system is the means to install the sensor onto the required engine so that it can do its job. From what I'm reading it seems that a physical modification needs to be done to every engine you want to use this on so that you can thread the sensor into the said engine block.

To anyone out there who has experience with knock detection systems, is this how it works? You need to basically have anyone who's car you want to tune with the knock monitor drill and tap their blocks to attach the sensor? Or am I mistaken?


Attaching knock sensor is a part of engine building. The car should arrive to a dyno with knock sensor on its place, like camshafts properly installed, engine oil filled in, and so on.

the plex system comes with its own stand alone knock sensor that attaches separately from the stock knock sensor fitted on the engine by the OEM.

My questions surrounds the method of fitting the plex sensor.

I guess plex system uses the standart bosch sensor. Which EFI would you tune and if there is knock control?

I fitted bosch sensor to my 3SGTE by making the adapter with OEM thread like on stock sensor, on the other side there was flat place with drilled hole on the center.

Mount the supplied knock sensor to the engine block or head (Plex offers some recommendations on suitable locations in their documentation). I simply attache the sensor to an unused boss somewhere on the engine block or head. Where you can fit the sensor will depend on the particular engine and in some cases you need to get a little creative.

thanks for the response Andre, noted.

The link from Kesterj doesn't work anymore. The correct link from plex is https://www.plex-tuning.com/5-tips-for-properly-installing-a-knock-sensor-that-everyone-should-apply/