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Intake Air Temp Sensor - Best Place to Position

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Im trying to figure out the best place to install the IAT Sensor on my Evo 8 build. From what I’ve read most people will place it on the upper charge pipe a few inches before the throttle body or on the lower charge pipe a few inches after the intercooler outlet. What do you guys recommended and why? Thanks!

I had mine placed in my Magnus Intake manifold, but the material here mentioned placing it right before the throttle body due to heat soak and incorrect air temp readings that can lead to lean conditions and rough operation. I never had idle or drivability issues with it on my intake manifold but then again my car didn't spend a lot of time dealing with hot starts. I was making a pass then letting everything cool down for an hour or two. I'd place it as close to the throttle body as possible on the intake pipe like suggested


Is there any reason/benefit to placing the IAT right in front of the throttle body vs. right at the intercooler outlet?

The air temp will be cooler at the location right at the outlet vs the temp it reaches as it passes by the engine bay and into the throttle body. While that is a short distance for air to travel the intake pipe will be much warmer towards the throttle body and it doesn't take much time to heat up air. The first car i ever had tuned had the IAT right after the intercooler outlet. It ran fine but it was a pretty mild build on a stock ECU. My most recent car had it on the intake manifold and was tuned on a standalone ECU, and it also ran fine. I don't think it will cause a big problem in any combination of those locations, but you want the air temp reading to be as accurate as possible. Just cause its running good doesn't mean it cant be running better.

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