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Intake air temperature sensor Location.

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When setting up a Standalone EMS. Is there any specific or preferred location to mount the intake air Temperature sensor? is it alright to mount the sensor before the throttle bodies, or is it best to mount it strait into the intake manifold?

If possible, i would mount it before the intake manifold to avoid head soak.

Thanks, In my application its probably going to be easier to do it that way. I will have to drill and tap my manifold to fit the sensor there. Its also worth mentioning that the engine is Normally aspirated.

I have a turbo car and I placed mine right before the throttle body. When I was N/A the stock sensor was about 6 to 8in or 15 to 20cm before the throttle body. Both places read fine on mine.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect a temperature change across a partially closed throttle body? Since there is a change in pressure then there must also be a change in temperature.

Perhaps I'll put a second sensor on my race car and have a look into this.


Temp stabilisation is relatively quick from my memory of flow venturi models some guys were doing at the national measurement institute. I think the answer to this question is "it depends" there are a large variety of different fuel compensation strategies with more modern fuel models blending a coolant temp influence to account for heat transfer from head/manifold and residence time etc. So you select location based on ecu fuel model, sensor response/susceptibility to heat soak, engine configuration and what operating conditions are critical to your application and deal with the compromise.

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