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Intake manifold volume In use vs Wasted

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Hi there, I have a question that is been floating in my head. With an intake manifold of X intake volume of air mass,how much of it goes to the cylinder which is on the intake stroke and how much is wasted on the other 3 cylinders assuming that we are dealing with a I4 cylinder engine.Does all of the intake mass goes into the cylinder that it is on the intake stroke, how much is wasted being into turbulence etc...

Probably it has to do with many factors such as revs, engine geometry etc...

Looking for answers guys.

You are 100 percent correct - it depends on a few factors. Mostly on choice of hardware, engine geometry and revs - all of them would have some influence on how good the engine is fed by air which is called Volumetric Efficiency. So depending on VE at particular revolutions and temperature of air intake charge different mass of air would be entering each cylinder. When we compare that actuall figure to the mass of air that would potentially occupy the same volume of that cylinder under normal conditions (1 bar atmosphere pressure, 0 humidity, 0 degrees centigrade air temperature), we get the percentage rate that tells us another important characteristic - engine Load.

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