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Intro to WinOLS?

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Hi guys, Signed up for the VIP package with the intention of completing all courses including the Intro to WinOLS that's been advertised on the main VIP page.

Where has this course gone?

Hi Joseph, that VIP page shows the list of proposed courses that we are intending to release which is where that course was listed. This list has been in existence for a while now and to be honest we've gone back and forth on the winols course idea a few times at this point. While I can't say that we will never come out with a course based around winols, at this point we have actually removed it from the course list as we think this topic is going to be too complex for us to do justice to, and too complex for most of our customers to truly make use of.

On this note however if you've purchased the VIP package on the basis of a winols course then I sincerely apologise and we would be more than happy to refund your purchase - We don't want to mislead anyone.


I hear that this winols program is going to be release on this 4 of July?

There is a webinar on the 19th of July for WinOLS...

Ok sounds good to me

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