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is 10.8 afr on 50/50 wmi too conservative?

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hello guys ,im currently running around 10.8 afr with wmi on my evo 8 with a hybrid gtx 3576r, is the afr too conservative ? i have two jets = 950cc/min

i feel the car is a bit low on power at 31 psi of boost.

Its not that bad. Usually i would shoot for low 11's like 11.3 or 11.4. How much timing are throwing at it? What is it making for power?

8 at peak torque and 14 at redline.

Power 448whp 400wtrq according to Virtual dyno in dynojet mode.

Unless you've got a pretty stout ignition system you're likely to strike problems with an ignition misfire that rich. At a minimum you'll be giving away power. I'd be inclined to target around 11.5:1 and test from there to see how your engine responds.

Only plus side is if you don’t have fail safes for your wmi. And it’s not working. You will still prob be 11.2ish which is safe!

if you lean it out now to 11.5 and then have ya water meth blocked or nothing working. May have potential to run dangerously lean.....

I will try leaning it out a little bit and see how it goes .

Its an hfs3 aquamist kit so im using map switch as failsafe.but failsafe arent set yet bcz i didnt finish tuning.

Thanks a lot guys

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