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Is anyone willing to help me with Eurodyne Maestro?

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Hey all.. I completely understand the basics and fundamentals of tuning. I understand AFR and timing and speed density and VE and all that stuff. I am having trouble applying that knowledge to meastro 7. The names of the maps are confusing to me and only a few of them have descriptions of what they are. Even the ones with descriptions are confusing because some maps are inverse of others and other maps are not effective until previous map limits are reached, etc. If there is anyone near the NOVA/Washington DC area that is knowledgeable in tuning the ME 7.x ECU with meastro please let me know and I will be happy to make it worth your time to help me understand. Also, if anyone who is not local is willing to spend the time with me online via email or whatever suits you, I am willing to do that as well. My car is a 2010 GTI running a PnP'd K04 W/M DP and E30 right now and I had a guy in Japan Etune my car. I am happy with the tune and am running really good numbers right now about 355/370 at the wheels. However, I am swapping to a GT3073 (3071 bored to fit 73mm compressor) at the end of this month and I would absolutely love to be able to tune the car myself. I also have an extra motor that I will be building this winter so I would like to get the basics of the tuning down on stock internals so when I drop parts into the motor, I have the ability to really push the turbo/motor. I have been researching online and it seems like everything is for the MK5's and although the ecu's are similiar, all the maps are different. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

The Bosch control modules use torque based algorithms and are pretty complicated to tune. There are a lot of maps that affect the relationship between the torque calculation, airflow calculation, and then the control of the actuators (wastegate, throttle, ignition). Generally speaking you have to lift the torque limits, change the airflow-->torque-->boost relationship, and possibly adjust several spark maps and fueling models. It's really not for beginner reflashing. That doesn't mean you can't learn it, but odds are you are really going to struggle initially. If the goal is to have a well running car with a safe tune that makes decent power, DIY is not the route you want to go. If you want to learn how to do reflash tuning, start with something easier. Either go with a GM or Ford car (better documentation, nonturbo options) or go with like a Subaru (much simpler to understand ECU).

That being said, if you do try to tune this project on your own, probably the best thing to do is to keep updating this thread as you proceed with the tuning process. Post datalogs and screenshots (or Excel files) of the current maps and the maps you are working on. Post links to any tuning guides you are reading and trying to understand. It's unlikely somebody you don't know personally is going to be willing to help you tune your car without you paying them by the hour, and even then they will be concerned about the risk involved.

One thing you might find helpful is to look at the Cobb Accesstuner notes for the same platform.


Hey thanks man.. I appreciate your suggestion to try to learn on a more simple ECU and although that would be ideal, My GTI is the only car I own at the moment. I am however, one to dive in head first and spend whatever time is necessary to learn what is needed. I have been into cars for a long time and built a few from stock cars into "almost" 10 second street cars. I have always paid other people to tune the car and from day 1 I have always wished I could tune my own. If I have to spend a year tuning with trials and errors and learning experiences along the way then I am more than willing to do it. So that being said, I am going to attempt to tune the car. I will probably end up paying for a tune ahead of time just so i can drive the car, then start from the base file on my own and try to make my own file. I think that is probably the best route since it is my daily driver :-).

Okay, so from what I have gathered from all the forums and videos and everything is that I should set my IC first. I am running APR high flow injectors. The guys at APR are kind enough to file off all the markings from the injectors so you cant know what actual injectors they provide. I think they do this obviously so people dont just go and buy them without going through APR, and also so you "have to use" their $1800 big turbo software. Although i don't know the make/model of the injectors, I have been able to get the base line IC from a well known tuner in the area. So the IC for my injectors on pump gas is: 0.027500. Knowing that E85 needs to flow 30% more fuel for the same effect of 93, and I am tuning for E30, then I used the equation: 85:30=30:x | then 900=85x | then x=10.58823%. So what I did was take the original IC (0.0275) and added 10.58823% to it (0.0275 * 1.1058823) which gives me a new IC of 0.0304117. Does this sound correct? After applying the new IC, I ran the STFT and LTFT for over an hour while driving around in normal driving conditions and this is what I got: LT=0.6 and ST=1.2 so to me that looks good. I didn't have to make any adjustments after the initial math to get my trims below 5%. Now from what I have gathered, it is better to get them in the negative correction so the ECU is taking away fuel instead of adding fuel, but for starters I think I am happy with this. My next step is to run logs and go from there. I will need help or pointers of where to start after I run the logs :-) . But i just wanted to make sure I was doing the IC properly. Please let me know what you think! I have also signed up for a Skype class from VIEZU Technologies. They said they will be able to explain the logic of the ME7 ECU and help get me started with eurodyne and what maps do what and what maps are inverse of others, etc. So I am excited for that, but it wont be until next month due to availability. Thanks guys!

Try reading this, it's for WinOLS based tuning of an ME7.

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