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Is it possible to use a full Efi as Ignition only at first

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Hi all,

i have a ( may be silly ) idea:

I want to change the oem CDI of my motobike ( old caburated Kawasaki ZXR ) to a more advanced solution ( programmable Ignition curve and some other features ). Long term i want to change from carburated to full efi. I know steep learning curve :-)

Now i am thinking about buying the efi computer first and "disable" the injection features for the first attempt ( ignition only ) and enable them later in the process. Why i am thinking in this direction ? I hope i coud save the money for the "Ignition only" ecu and could build the full wiring loom once and would have the neeed to learn a new software only once.

I would like to hear your opinion and hints about this idea!

Yes, you can. I once used a MoTeC M48 for just logging & ignition with a Porsche 914-6, we continued to use the carbs for several years. The throttle bodies for that engine cost about the same as the M48 & wiring, so it enabled us to get started for about 1/3 - 1/2 of the total cost.

Hi Mr Ferguson,

thanks for the encouraging response. I thought my idea is so far out of the box that the only result will be head shaking. Thanks for the good news!

Klaus, How can you get a cam trigger for sequential ign events? Or at least a crank trigger and run it wasted spark?

Just to echo David, you totally can. When an E production rotary owner asks me to assist/build something their distributors get ripped out and some form of efi/ignition control with smart coils get put into place almost by default. The FT450/550 by fueltech has been impressing me lately for people that are completely in the dark ages with engine management due to rules (they get shafted by manifold design if they go fuel injected, hence carb)/fear of trying new things and are somewhat put off by cost of components.

I usually get push back but then I get to lay out future savings and it works out.

@h24 That`s easy.I can use the VR crankshaft sensor of the original ignition. Wasted spark is how it works oem but i know that someone used the manifault pressure ( 4 single manifaults ) to get a megasquirt fully sequentiell to work. Also it should be possible to add an VR ore Hall Sensor for the Camshaft.

@M:EP : Thanks for the encouraging post. I just want to save some money ( unneccesary "ignition only" box ). How can i disable the injection part? Is it enough to set the opening time of the ( not existent ) injectors to zero ?

Depends completely on the ECU you end up using, some are easily disabled with a single toggle while others youd just zero your fuel tables. Though if the drivers aren't wired up to anything...

Thanks for your reply M:EP. I was just thinking that it might be necessary to keep something special in mind because there wont be any injectors connected. don`t wan`t to fry up the ecu in my attempts :-)

As far "which" ecu i will use i am a little bit lost at the moment. There are some examples for such conversions which use *squirt ecus. But it looks like you should have a solid understanding to go this route. Even when you buy a complited ecu without any diy soldering.

Then there is Ignitech which sells it`s own ecu ( http://www.ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky/ignijet/ignijet%2012/ignijet%2012.htm ) but i did not find someone who could tell me about it from own experience. At least there ignitions have a good reputation.

Motec would be great, except the price. I need to keep in mind that my engine runs nearly 12000 rpm. I am not shure if a car ecu is capable to do that...

I'd be more concerned with the sensors being used than any well known modern ECUs and their restrictions. I tend to stick to Aussie and US manufacturers (mainly from a support/communications standpoint) although my latest install that I'd stand behind as i mentioned (fueltech) is a Brazilian company. I'm wary of smaller niche companies such as Ignitech but I could be completely off the res on that one.

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