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Is that possible doing as EFI tunning technician only

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Hi, everyone. I am new to this industry and I has been doing as a mechanic for over 10 years. As I can see from courses, there are lots units that I think I can't finish them all in next couple years. Just wondering is that possible if I only focus and mastery myself as a EFI tunning technician? Or I have to go through whole courses to make myself good in EFI tunning section? Please give me some advices so I can know what I should focus on. Thank you everyone.

If learning about tuning is more for your own interest and learning, but not to practice as a profession in the future, then really you could dabble in watching whichever modules you are interested in.

If the goal is to master tuning as a profession, watching all the courses would be the foundation, and then you'd spend years practicing the craft on vehicles, and continuing your education through the webinars, podcasts, forum etc. which HPA has to offer. Before considering accepting money and taking on the risk of tuning someone else's beloved vehicle, there is a very big time investment to be made, but many HPA customers have done it if you are dedicated to it!

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